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Larger businesses tend to put their company spokespeople through rigorous media coaching or media training courses to help them deal with difficult questions and get the most out of any opportunity. However, small-business owners are missing out on the chance to raise their own media profiles because the cost of a professional media trainer can be financially out of reach for start-ups and small businesses. That’s why we’ve developed the COMPLETE MEDIA CONFIDENCE FOR THE SMALLER BUSINESS course.

If you want to:

  • Understand how to get coverage in the press, radio and television to raise your brand profile and build your business, even if yours is a smaller company
  • Learn how to deal with tricky questions from journalists
  • Discover the ‘media mindset’ so you know what will catch reporters’ attention—the essential do’s and don’ts?
  • Get your message across without being misquoted.

We can help!

Complete Media Confidence

Our unique online video course. Four modules plus BONUS module—the instant media training course, in your own home or office, at a fraction of the cost of traditional media training.


Use the Media to Build Your Business

Top media trainers Tom Maddocks and Linda Lewis have a host of tips and techniques that will show you how to get media coverage to boost your profile or that of your business … in just 30 minutes!

Learn how to

Here is a BONUS VIDEO TIP from our Complete Media Confidence course to get you started!

Explore the rest of this site to see more media training tips and regularly updated articles. Business owners from as far afield as the UK, USA, Dubai, Singapore, and Australia have benefited from our years of BBC and print media experience.

Tom Maddocks, Media Trainer

Tom Maddocks

Tom Maddocks is recognised as one of the UK's leading media training experts. He has been quoted on the subject in the Sunday Times, The Independent, the Financial Times and many more.

Tom is also the author of The M-factor: media confidence for business leaders and managers, a new, highly practical book aimed at helping anyone who has to deal with journalists understand the media mindset, know what reporters are looking for, give a good press or broadcast interview, deal with a crisis, and understand the impact of social media. Visit www.m-factorbook.co.uk for more information.

For face-to-face media training with Tom or Linda in the UK and beyond, see our sister site at Media Training Associates.

Media Training on the Go!
media training on your iPad Our media training videos are compatible with both Apple and Windows laptops, tablets including iPads, iPhones and other smartphones with video-playing cababilities.

Can Make You Money!

Complete Media Confidence does exactly what it says on the tin. Tom and Linda are the 'go-to guys' for media training and it is fantastic that smaller businesses now have access to them through this online course. Just a fraction of the information they give would be worth the investment.

~ Emma Sargent, The Extraordinary Coaching Company

Media Doctor Service

Wherever you are in the world, experienced, BBC-trained journalists and Complete Media Confidence presenters Tom Maddocks or Linda Lewis will personally coach you by phone or online on how to get across YOUR points on YOUR topic, with at least two practice interviews and full feedback.

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