Who should speak on behalf of your company?

Even if you are approached by the press to conduct an interview, consider whether you are the best person to represent your company or organisation.

In smaller firms, the boss can usually answer for any part of the business, but with larger companies, the interview topics may easily range over areas which are the responsibility of various different individuals.  If for example, you are head of HR but the interview is liable to include questions about the finances of the company, are you the ideal spokesperson? Choose an individual from the appropriate department to speak to the media, but ensure they have adequate training before speaking to a reporter, and that they are not too narrowly focused in the topics they can cover.

The last thing you want during an interview is to be asked a question that isn’t relevant to your department. Saying, “I don’t know, you’d have to ask the finance director” sounds unprofessional and instantly makes it sound as if you are trying to either conceal information or pass the blame to someone else in the company.

For radio or TV choose, if possible, someone who is going to be fluent and lively.

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