Complete Media Confidence

COMPLETE MEDIA CONFIDENCE FOR THE SMALLER BUSINESS is a unique online four-module video course presented by former BBC reporter Tom Maddocks, one of the UK’s leading media training experts. Using role-play interviews, we SHOW you what others only TELL you!

At a fraction of the cost of a conventional media training course, you will discover:

  • what journalists are looking for—in print, on radio, TV and online
  • how to get your message across in any interview
  • what works and doesn’t work on radio and TV—using demonstration interviews
  • how to deal with difficult questions.

The Media Training Modules

MODULE 1: What journalists want—including: the media environment, why engage with the media, the journalistic mindset, what is News, and how can you supply it?
MODULE 2: How to prepare—including: confidence, clarity and control, pro-active and reactive media handling, our exclusive 3-stage preparation process, The EQUALS formula for coming up with a good ‘quote’, avoiding jargon.
MODULE 3: TV interviews—including: the process of getting you on the air, roleplay interviews to show you what works and what doesn’t, creating soundbites, what to wear, avoiding interview traps.
MODULE 4: Press, radio and online interviews—including: the questions to ask beforehand, vocal delivery tips, adapting your style, taking control in a print interview, on & off the record, ‘no comment’.
BONUS MODULE: ‘Use the Media to Build your Business’—including: top 10 ways to create a ‘news hook’, getting the word out there, should you hire a PR, creating a press release, meeting journalists, using specialist and social media to get the message across. (Available separately at £49.00.)

Personal Edition

  • Four online video modules
  • Plus BONUS video module: ‘Use the Media to Build Your Business’

Access* to each video module for a period of up to 12 months.




Multi-user Edition

(Up to five users)

  • Four online video modules
  • Plus BONUS video module: ‘Use the Media to Build Your Business’

Access* to each video module for a period of up to 12 months.



* Access is by streaming video. Fair Usage Policy applies. Please read our FAQs section for further information.

Included in the Course is the following:

  • The media landscape – the opportunities out there for you
  • Why you can benefit from engaging with the media
  • How you can benefit from the media’s belt-tightening
  • Understanding the media mindset
  • The components of a news story
  • The EQUALS formula to enable you to bring your message alive
  • Creating a mutually beneficial relationship with media outlets
  • Pro-active and re-active media handling
  • Have to talk to journalists but don't know what to say?
  • Worried about how to deal with difficult reporter's questions?
  • Have to be interviewed on TV or radio but scared you'll look foolish?

Watch the video to find out more about the COMPLETE MEDIA CONFIDENCE course.

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Complete Media Confidence for the Smaller Business

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Complete Media Confidence does exactly what it says on the tin. Tom and Linda are the 'go-to guys' for media training and it is fantastic that smaller businesses now have access to them through this online course. Just a fraction of the information they give would be worth the investment.

~ Emma Sargent, The Extraordinary Coaching Company

Use The Media To Build Your Business

Top media trainers Tom Maddocks and Linda Lewis have a host of tips and techniques that will show you how to get media coverage to boost your profile or that of your business ... in just 30 minutes!


Media Doctor Service

Wherever you are in the world, experienced, BBC-trained journalists and COMPLETE MEDIA CONFIDENCE presenters Tom Maddocks or Linda Lewis will personally coach you by phone or online on how to get across YOUR points on YOUR topic, with at least two practice interviews and full feedback.

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