A car-crash TV interview…what can happen if you haven’t had media training

The TV studio can become a very lonely place if you find yourself under pressure during an interview—people’s brains can become fried, leaving them seemingly unable to answer even the simplest questions. This is what happened to Australian senator-elect Ricky Muir, a non-professional politician who found himself elected on a minority vote in the Australian federal election on behalf of the Motoring Enthusiasts Party. Mr Muir was thrown into the political spotlight after the election result left him holding the balance of power between the major parties, so he came under intense media scrutiny. This pre-recorded TV interview shows him repeatedly hesitating and becoming flustered while trying to answer some fairly basic questions; excrutiatingly, the ‘out-takes’ were left in—this is extremely rare but can occur in exceptional circumstances. (It also shows the risks of taking part in a pre-recorded interview if you aren’t sure of your facts, as the most telling clips can be extracted from a much longer interview). During the interview, Mr Muir was unable to answer a number of questions, including one where he was asked to define the “aftermarket” automobile industry, which he had repeatedly referred to. If Mr Muir had received proper media training he would have been able to anticipate these questions, and formulate more effective responses.

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