What is media training?

A well-crafted media training course will help anyone who has to appear on radio and TV, or talk to reporters from newspapers or magazines, to understand what the journalist is looking for, and to get their message over more effectively.

Why media training?

Companies and individuals who establish a regular media presence are granted a fantastic platform to raise their own profile and that of their business. Think of how much free publicity Virgin has had over the years, thanks to the activities and profile of Richard Branson. Or consider Apple, adeptly using the media to create an air of excitement and anticipation over its new product launches, which then get front-page treatment around the globe. These are extreme examples, but thousands of business owners and subject experts have used the same techniques to raise their profile in their own markets. For most of these, effective media training has given them the required degree of professionalism. Conversely, if you are someone in the public eye with tough questions to answer, you certainly need help to ensure that you can put your side of the story effectively.

What to look for?

Plenty of ex-journalists say they ‘do media training’, but you should look for a much more structured course, giving you a clear understanding of how journalists think, what sort of ‘angle’ they might be looking for, and how to ensure your preparation is effective. The key though is the practical sideā€”the theory gives you the grounding, but it is not until you try being interviewed ‘for real’ that you realise how easy it is to be tied in knots if you are not properly prepared. The interviews should be tailored to the type of topics you are most likely to face, in press, TV or radio as appropriate, and you need a trainer who can not only ask the tough questions, but also show you how you could have dealt with them more effectively.

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